Sealed With Love

Sealed With Love

An Excerpt

sealed_coverHolly walked to her bed and frowned. The book was on her pillow. She could have sworn she’d left it on the couch. She placed it on her bedside table and went to the kitchen. One more glass of wine should see her ready for bed. She picked up a pen and paper and returned to her room. The book lay open. Holly spun around in a circle. Was she being punked? She closed the book, staring at it as she scooted under the covers. With pen and paper in hand, she started her list of things to buy. She reached for her wine and froze. The book lay open again.

Holly snatched up the book. “What the hell is going on?” One small note lay in the middle of each page. A chill raced down her spine.

Greetings, favored one. You have been tested and deemed worthy. Your wish will be granted. However, do not reveal your true self.

“What wish?” She turned the book over. A gold embossed genie’s lamp decorated the red cover. She rubbed her thumb over it and jerked her hand back. She could have sworn heat came from the lamp. She opened the book and gasped. The note had disappeared, and the story was back. Holly threw the book against the wall, scrambled out of bed, and ran from the room.M

Standing in the living room, she stared down the hallway. “Don’t freak, Holly. Don’t freak.” Tremors shook her body. “To hell with that. I’m out of here.”

But she needed to get dressed and grab her phone. Holly crept down the hall and peeked in her room. Everything seemed normal. She tiptoed to her closet, shucking her t-shirt. She pulled a tank-top and then another T-shirt over her head. She slipped into jeans and tennis shoes and reached for her phone. A low thrumming resonated throughout the room. Holly turned.

The book lay against the wall. A blue glowing light erupted from the lamp. She jumped, catching the edge of the bed behind her knee and pitching herself back. She screamed and toppled off the bed, her head striking the side of the frame. Holly struggled to sit up, but dizziness enveloped her and blood poured down the side of her face. She scooted against the wall. Fear closed her throat, allowing only a tiny whimper to escape. The intensity of the blue light grew stronger, and Holly slipped into blackness.