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Meet the fam

There is rarely anything we do that we do alone. Meaning, by ourselves, in a vacuum, without it touching others. Now writing is a solitary career. I sit in front of a computer and let my characters lead me on an adventure. I’m able, for a few minutes or hours (if I’m lucky), to leave my world each day and enter another one. I leave my problems, my worries, my fears and wander around, looking at new people and visiting new places. They come alive and I enjoy each and every one of my visits. It’s Read more […]

Keeping the Faith

Due to certain circumstances, I’ve decided to seek the Indie route of publishing for the time being. Do I want to be traditionally published at some point? Yes! But right now Indie is my path and I’m excited. This also requires that I do a lot of research into editing, cover art, retailers, websites, social media and blogging. I recently talked with Melody Jones, a social media guru, who advised that based on my goals I need to blog. Huh? What? Wait, this whole blogging thing is very confusing Read more […]

Pre v. Un

I’m not sure why, but it’s hard for me to remember that I am published. Perhaps it’s because I’ve only published a short story (so far) or perhaps I’ve thought of myself as unpublished for so long it’s just stuck in my head. And then I thought unpublished is so harsh. It’s as if I’ve failed before I even get started. I prefer pre-published. It has a more hopeful tone to it. Maybe some of you are asking, “What’s the difference?” Nothing published is still nothing published no Read more […]

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