Keeping the Faith

May 27, 2016


Due to certain circumstances, I’ve decided to seek the Indie route of publishing for the time being. Do I want to be traditionally published at some point? Yes! But right now Indie is my path and I’m excited. This also requires that I do a lot of research into editing, cover art, retailers, websites, social media and blogging. I recently talked with Melody Jones, a social media guru, who advised that based on my goals I need to blog.

Huh? What? Wait, this whole blogging thing is very confusing to me. But it’s about building a platform and right now, mine’s the size of a postage stamp and about as flimsy too. And so I shall blog. Okay, I can do this. I’m willing to jump into the deep end of the pool in cement boots to learn, cuz that’s just how I roll. No thought, no worries, just jump and figure it out as I go. So, I sat in front of the computer, fingers posed over the keyboard and I’m paralyzed. One simple question had stopped me in my tracks.

What do I blog about?

The answer was surprisingly simple. Blog about whatever interests you. Have fun, keep it real, but whatever you do, do not blog about politics or religion. These are hot topics for people and you’ll only end up irritating and alienating them and that’s the last thing I want to do. After all, everything I’ve learned indicates that this is a give and take. You get to know me and I get to know you. Politics and religion have no place in this type of blog and this brings me to the main topic of the post.

I have no problem, not one, leaving politics at the door. I’ve no desire to blog about our government. I’ll leave the debate to more informed minds. Nor do I want a blog where I preach my faith and debate God. However, being a Christian is who I am at my core. I know it’s not popular to say, but I won’t apologize either. And I can no more leave my beliefs at the door, then I can stop breathing. They go with me, into the world, into my job, into my writing, in my relationships. They are a part of me, the biggest part of me and I can’t set them aside. I suppose when it’s all said and done, this is a disclaimer of a sort.

!Caution – Christian Blogging!

I’m not going to debate or defend my faith, nor should I have to. I’m simply saying from time to time He might make an appearance in my posts, because He lives in me. In the end, I’m nothing more than a white, married, middle-aged, Christian woman who reads and writes romance. I hope I haven’t offended you and that you’ll stick around to see how this journey goes for me. But if you simple can’t stay then may your life be blessed beyond measure.




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